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Building a stronger community through equal housing.

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Reduction of hazardous exposures in small businesses through a community health worker intervention.

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Supporting small businesses during COVID-19.

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Rainwater harvesting for limited-income households.

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Rainwater Harvesting Online Workshop – English

Rainwater HarvestingRainwater Harvesting

  • Online
  • Free

Come learn about residential rainwater harvesting including passive and active systems, design considerations, planning your project, best practices, maintenance, and more. The second half of the workshop you will receive information on Tucson Water’s Rebate and SERI’s Limited-Income Loan and Grant Program including what you will receive by participating, requirements to participate and how to apply. Attending this workshop meets one of the requirements for the City of Tucson’s rainwater harvesting rebate and is open to the public. This workshop is in English and about 2 hours long.

Taller de captura de agua de lluvia en linea – Español

Rainwater HarvestingRainwater Harvesting

  • Online
  • Gratís

Durante este taller, aprenderá sobre los beneficios de capturar el agua de lluvia, los sistemas activos y pasivos, incluyendo las consideraciones de diseño, planificación del proyecto, prácticas recomendadas, mantenimiento y mucho más. En la segunda mitad del taller recibirá información sobre el programa de reembolso de Tucson Water y el programa de SERI para familias de bajo ingreso, los beneficios y requisitos para participar y como aplicar para el programa. Los talleres están abiertos al público, al asistir está cumpliendo con uno de los requisitos para obtener el reembolso de Tucson Water. Los talleres están disponibles en Español y la duración aproximada es de 2 horas.


NASA_Rain Gauge

Participate in a NASA Funded Precipitation Research Study

We received a K environmental justice grant from NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration to study rainfall in different areas of Tucson and compare it with NASA satellite data Have you ever wondered how many inches of rain falls on your property in one year Are you in the study area see colored…

NFHA ICF Graphic_English


SERI has been awarded a grant from the National Fair Housing Alliance s NFHA Inclusive Communities Fund Grant program to help people access equitable housing opportunities and promote stable healthy viable communities These funds were made available as part of last year s historic settlement with Fannie Mae that provided million to promote homeownership…


New Website Launch

Welcome to Our New Website!

After seven months of hard work and dedication from our SERI team we are pleased to share the launch of our new website We wanted to update the design of our website add new features and tools update programs and projects and make it more user-friendly All of our website initiatives are to create…

Lora with her rainwater harvesting tank

Lora Makes The Most of Rainwater Harvesting

Through rainwater harvesting we can help reduce urban temperatures and increase tree coverage Rainwater harvesting is a financial investment and many limited-income families in Tucson cannot afford the upfront costs We reached out to Lora who shares with us how she was able to do rainwater harvesting at her home as a participant in…