Helping low-income families since 1994.

Home with rainwater tank

Rainwater harvesting for limited-income households.

Reduction of hazardous exposures in small businesses through a community health worker intervention.

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Building a stronger community through equal housing.

Solar Empowerment Program

Reducing the cost of energy used in your home.

Energy Efficiency

New appliances and home repairs.

Programs & Projects


Solar Empowerment Workshop – English

Renewable Energy

Solar Empowerment

  • Online
  • Free

Harnessing the power of the sun has become increasingly important in the pursuit of renewable and sustainable sources of energy. This workshop is designed to provide participants with the understanding of solar technologies, their benefits, and their components, and maintenance. The second half of the workshop will cover how the Solar Empowerment Program works. This workshop is in English and about 1.5 hours long. For any questions please contact or (520) 222-8067.

Entrenamiento de Líderes Comunitarios – Español

Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control ProgramLead-Based Paint Program

  • SERI
  • Free

¿Le apasiona crear un entorno seguro y un ambiente saludable para todos en su comunidad? Este entrenamiento le enseñará los conceptos básicos sobre la prevención del envenenamiento por plomo y las iniciativas de SERI para la prevención del envenenamiento por plomo. La segunda mitad del taller cubrirá los diferentes programas de SERI y las responsabilidades como un líder comunitario. Ubicación: SERI Office – 3202 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85716

Basics of Fair Housing – English

Fair HousingFair Housing

  • Online
  • Free

Did you know? It is illegal to discriminate in housing based on someone’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, and disability. During this class you will learn about the history of fair housing, where fair housing applies, the importance of fair housing work, the seven protected classes, fair housing complaint statistics, fair housing laws, prohibited activities, accessibility features for new construction, use of criminal records, potential signs of discrimination, exemptions to the Fair Housing Act, who is held liable for housing discrimination, fair housing cases, and how to file a fair housing complaint inquiry with SERI. You will receive a certificate for attending the full class.


Healthy Organic Applesauce with Cinnamon

Lead Found in Cinnamon Products Sold in US

The U S Food and Drug Administration FDA recommends consumers do not buy or eat ground cinnamon Recently elevated levels in cinnamon were discovered in certain cinnamon apple sauce pouches that lead to lead poisoning in children The FDA is taking steps to address this and sent a letter to all cinnamon manufacturers processors…


NASA Rain Gauge

NASA Precipitation Study

SERI received a $100,000 grant to study precipitation in Tucson. We invented a wooden mount that is easily installed on any kind of fence, so that participants did not have to install a wooden post. Now SERI has received a year’s worth of precipitation measurements from participants.

Woman packing at home

April is National Fair Housing Month!

On April President Lyndon B Johnson signed the Fair Housing Act FHA that protects people from being discriminated against because of their of race national origin color religion sex sexual orientation and gender identity familial status or disability People are protected by the FHA when they are renting or buying a home seeking a…

NFHA Fair Housing Trends Report

National Fair Housing Alliance “2023 Fair Housing Trends Report” Finds Highest Rise in Complaints

The National Fair Housing Alliance NFHA released their most recent report Fair Housing Trends Report which is part of their series of annual reports dating back to the mid- s Their recent report covers fair housing complaint data for highlights fair housing cases that were settled in FY and policy recommendations to combat the…