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Reduction of hazardous exposures in small businesses through a community health worker intervention.

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Rainwater harvesting for limited-income households.

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Fair Housing Basics – English

Fair HousingFair Housing

  • Online
  • Free (registration required)

Are you a renter, home buyer, housing provider or lender? Fair housing impacts where everyone can live, work and engage in your community. During this workshop you will learn about the basics of fair housing including the Fair Housing Act, the seven federal protected classes, what is prohibited, possible signs of discrimination, and more. Additionally, if you think you have experienced (or your client has experienced) unlawful discrimination in housing learn how to file a complaint with SERI. You will receive a certificate for attending the full workshop.

Haga Su Hogar Libre De Plomo – Español

Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control ProgramLead-Based Paint Program

  • Online
  • Free (registration required)

¿Sabes qué es el envenenamiento por plomo? Durante este webinar aprenderá que es el plomo y cómo puede dañar a su hijo. Descubrirá qué artículos en su casa pueden contener plomo y los signos de contaminación en su entorno. Para proteger a su hijo del plomo, recibirá una guía de las mejores prácticas y cómo los proveedores le pueden ayudar. Aprenderá sobre los pasos para proteger a su hijo del plomo a través del Programa de pintura a base de plomo de la Ciudad de Tucson, incluidas las precalificaciones y lo que puede esperar de su participación.

Make Your Home Lead Safe – English

Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control ProgramHealthy Homes

Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control ProgramLead-Based Paint Program

  • Online
  • Free (registration required)

Do you know what lead poisoning is? During this webinar you will learn what lead is and how it can harm your child. You will find out what items in your house can contain lead and signs of contamination in your environment. In order to protect your child from lead you will receive guidance on best practices and how providers can help. You will learn about next steps to protect your child from lead through the City of Tucson’s Lead-Based Paint Program including pre-qualifications and what you can expect from participating.



New Website Launch

Welcome to Our New Website!

After seven months of hard work and dedication from our SERI team we are pleased to share the launch of our new website We wanted to update the design of our website add new features and tools update programs and projects and make it more user-friendly All of our website initiatives are to create…

Lora with her rainwater harvesting tank

Lora Makes The Most of Rainwater Harvesting

Through rainwater harvesting we can help reduce urban temperatures and increase tree coverage Rainwater harvesting is a financial investment and many limited-income families in Tucson cannot afford the upfront costs We reached out to Lora who shares with us how she was able to do rainwater harvesting at her home as a participant in…