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Reduction of hazardous exposures in small businesses through a community health worker intervention.

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Rainwater harvesting for limited-income households.

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Rainwater Harvesting Online Workshop – English

Rainwater HarvestingRainwater Harvesting

  • Online
  • Free

Rainwater harvesting helps cool urban temperatures, reduce street flooding and is best used for irrigation. The water collected can be for your trees, plants and garden. During this workshop come learn about residential rainwater harvesting. Learn about passive and active systems including design considerations, planning your project, best practices, maintenance, and more. The second half of the workshop you will receive information on Tucson Water’s Rebate and SERI’s Limited-Income Loan and Grant Program including what you will receive by participating, requirements to participate and how to apply.

Basics of Fair Housing – English

Fair HousingFair Housing

  • Online
  • Free (registration required)

Did you know? It is illegal to discriminate in housing based on someone’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, and disability. During this class you will learn about the history of fair housing, where fair housing applies, the importance of fair housing work, the seven protected classes, fair housing complaint statistics, fair housing laws, prohibited activities, accessibility features for new construction, use of criminal records, potential signs of discrimination, exemptions to the Fair Housing Act, who is held liable for housing discrimination, fair housing cases, and how to file a fair housing complaint inquiry with SERI. You will receive a certificate for attending the full class.

Conceptos básicos de vivienda justa – Español

Fair HousingFair Housing

  • Online

¿Sabías? La discriminación en vivienda es ilegal, basado en la raza, color, religión, nacionalidad, género, estado familiar y discapacidad. Durante esta clase aprenderás sobre la historia de vivienda justa, dónde se aplica la vivienda justa, la importancia del trabajo de vivienda justa, las siete clases protegidas, estadísticas de quejas de vivienda justa, leyes de vivienda justa, actividades prohibidas, características de accesibilidad para construcciones nuevas, uso de antecedentes penales, posibles signos de discriminación, exenciones a la Ley de Vivienda Justa, quién es responsable de la discriminación en la vivienda, casos de vivienda justa, y cómo puede presentar una queja de vivienda justa en SERI. Recibirás un certificado por atender la clase completa.



New Website Launch

Welcome to Our New Website!

After seven months of hard work and dedication from our SERI team we are pleased to share the launch of our new website We wanted to update the design of our website add new features and tools update programs and projects and make it more user-friendly All of our website initiatives are to create…

Lora with her rainwater harvesting tank

Lora Makes The Most of Rainwater Harvesting

Through rainwater harvesting we can help reduce urban temperatures and increase tree coverage Rainwater harvesting is a financial investment and many limited-income families in Tucson cannot afford the upfront costs We reached out to Lora who shares with us how she was able to do rainwater harvesting at her home as a participant in…