Imelda Cortez
  • Imelda Cortez
  • Environmental Health Promotora
  • 520-262-7812

Imelda Cortez started as a volunteer at SERI in 2008 by visiting small business owners to promote occupational health and safety. Now as the Environmental Health Promotora, Imelda gets to provide education and program services to support community health, the environment and a higher quality of life. She has a Business Administration certificate from Centro de Bachillerato Tecnológico Industrial and the University of Arizona Eller College of Management. During her time at SERI she has received certificates as a Community Health Advisor and Child Care Provider from Pima Community College and received been training on global warming from the University of Arizona.

Theresa Foley
  • Theresa Foley
  • Climate Science Specialist
  • 520-321-9488

Theresa Foley has been working with SERI since 2008 when she was awarded a NASA Space Grant to study air pollution in south metropolitan Tucson. Since then Theresa provides research for SERI to help mitigate climate change, especially in the underserved community of southwest. Theresa has a PhD in Atmospheric Science from the University of Arizona, a B.S. in Chemistry from Northeastern Illinois and a B.S. in Biology from De Paul University. She was awarded a fellowship with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) where she used GIS to verify the accuracy of weather forecasting in New Mexico. For 10 years she worked at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as an Atmospheric Chemist and as a Landfill Specialist. She also did consulting work for the Lake Michigan Air Directors’ Consortium.

Palmira Henriquez
  • Palmira Henriquez
  • Senior Environmental Health Promotora
  • 520-403-6905

Palmira Henriquez has been working with SERI since 2008 as a Environmental Health Promotora and enjoys working with the community on addressing environmental health issues. Each day Palmira works with families to make their home environment safe and healthy. She has a Business Administration certificate and Accounting Certificate from the Instituto Tecnológico del Mar. During her time at SERI Palmira has received certificates as a Community Health Advisor from Pima Community College, Urban Forestry from Tucson Botanical Gardens and training on rainwater harvesting from Ethos.

Leslie Pilli
  • Leslie Pilli
  • Program Manager

Leslie Pilli grew up in Tucson and got her B.S. in Sustainable Built Environments with an emphasis in Sustainable Communities from the University of Arizona. She has previously worked on various sustainability focused projects over the past years with other organizations. Now as the Water Conservation Program Manager for SERI she hopes to help her community navigate environmental challenges and provide sustainable practices to low-income families through the various programs that SERI offers.

Flor Sandoval
  • Flor Sandoval
  • Program Director
  • 520-404-7369

Flor Sandoval started as a volunteer at SERI in 2009 and is now the Program Director. Flor oversees the day-to-day operations of SERI programs and projects. She enjoys working with the community in creating a sustainable and safe place for all. Flor has a B.S. in Business Administration in Marketing and a minor in Global Business through the University of Arizona Eller College of Management. During her time at SERI she has received multiple trainings from various organizations including but not limited to HUD, EPA, OSHA. She also serves as the water conservation specialist at the Landscaping Advisory Committee for the City of Tucson.

Rachel Spitz
  • Rachel Spitz
  • Program Manager
  • 520-308-8462

Rachel Spitz started as a volunteer at SERI and is now a Program Manager. Rachel enjoys promoting SERI’s initiatives aimed to protect the environment, improve community health and improve the lives of limited income and minority communities. On a daily basis she gets to connect with partners, perform public outreach, strategize and design promotional assets, provide education and more for SERI. Rachel has a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Photography from the University of Arizona. Since 2016 she has been involved in advertising and marketing organizations including American Advertising Association Tucson Chapter, American Marketing Association and Tucson Young Professionals.

Jella Tatil_Badge
  • Jella Balgos
  • Community Outreach Specialist

Jella Balgos has organized in her community since college, where she advocated for increasing equity for first-generation, low-income students and an intersectional climate justice. Jella is excited to join SERI as Community Outreach Specialist, where she will connect members of the community to the resources provided by SERI and their other program partners. She has a B.A in Environmental Science with a focus on Public Health and a minor in Anthropology from Colby College. She looks forward to continuing her work on increasing accessibility for limited-income folks and other underrepresented groups in the state she grew up in.