High Efficiency Clothes Washer Program

Are you interested in replacing your clothes washer for a high-efficiency one? SERI is working together with Tucson Water to make it possible for low-income customers to upgrade their clothes washers and conserve water. On average, Energy Star certified high-efficiency washers use about 30% less water and 20% less energy than regular washers. Qualifying participants can purchase a new, high-efficiency washer for only $200, valued at up to $850 plus installation. Participants will receive a zero-interest loan from SERI that will breakdown as follows: $50 down payment when qualified and 6-month payment plan for $25 per month.

Do you qualify?

  • Tucson Water customer and account in good standing
  • Old machine must be removed and not used again (SERI will take old washer)
  • Choose a front load clothes washer
  • One time – participation per house and Tucson Water client  
  • Total household income is equal to or less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) (see chart below)
  • Washer must be 5 years or older
  • Homeowner of a single-family dwelling
  • Property taxes paid

All clothes washers come with manufactures insurance if you want additional insurance, you can purchase it at your own expense directly with the seller.

Steps of the program

Please note

  • Qualifying customers choose from a front load option and SERI will purchase and arrange delivery. Participants will not be able to choose the brand or model.
  • Your default on making payments will not allow you to continue to participate in any current or future SERI programs and Tucson Water will be notified of your payment default which may prevent you from participating in other Tucson Water programs.


*Our program is currently only available to Tucson Water customers.

For more information and/or questions please contact us at seri@seriaz.org.

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