Lead-Based Paint Program

Program Overview

We partner with the City of Tucson Housing and Community Development Departments’ Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program by pre-qualifying candidates. Over a three-year period, the City of Tucson and their partners (e.g. SERI) will use $2,9000,000 of HUD funding to directly assist an estimated 180 vulnerable households. You will receive resources on the dangers of lead, have the option to get your child tested for lead poisoning through our partner, El Rio Community Health, and receive free home repairs if lead is found in your home.

A child’s exposure to lead can be from paint, soil, drinking water, consumer products, foods, cosmetics, medicines, jobs, hobbies, and more. Receive details on the sources of lead.

When was the last time you took your child to get tested for lead poisoning? Your child may not show any noticeable symptoms of lead poisoning but once they are exposed to lead it cannot be reversed. Lead can cause damages to your child’s brain and nervous system, learning disabilities (e.g. lower IQ and attention span), seizures, and even death.

Requirements to Participate

  • Total household income within the HUD low-income limits (see chart below)
  • Homeowner or renter of a single-family home built before 1978
  • Living within Tucson city limits
  • Lives in the house:
    • Child under 6 years old who lives or frequently visits more than 6 hours of the week
    • Pregnant women
    • People with disabilities
    • People older than 62 years old
  • Property taxes paid up-to-date

HUD Median Family Income Chart (Fiscal Year 2024)

Required Documents for Eligibility (City of Tucson) at the moment of the visit:

  • Identification of all adults living in the household
  • Proof of household income: Pay stubs or SS letter of the past 3 months from all working adults or
  • Tax statement from the previous year
  • Bank statement from the previous month from all adults

Program Process

As a participant in the program below is each step of the process.

Steps for participants in program

Upcoming Events

Entrenamiento de Líderes Comunitarios – Español

Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control ProgramLead-Based Paint Program

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¿Le apasiona crear un entorno seguro y un ambiente saludable para todos en su comunidad? Este entrenamiento le enseñará los conceptos básicos sobre la prevención del envenenamiento por plomo y las iniciativas de SERI para la prevención del envenenamiento por plomo. La segunda mitad del taller cubrirá los diferentes programas de SERI y las responsabilidades como un líder comunitario. Ubicación: SERI Office – 3202 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85716