The 2018 Federal Lead Action Plan was released with the goal to reduce childhood exposure to lead and its harmful effects. The government has been implementing strategies in the plan and leveraging partnerships to achieve these goals.

The Biden-Harris Administration’s Progress Report on the Federal Lead Action Plan shares progress on the government’s efforts to reduce childhood exposure to lead made between December 2018 and April 2024.

Progress Report on the Federal Lead Action Plan

A summary of significant strides made:

  • Reducing lead in drinking water, land, air, food, housing, and consumer products,
  • Improving childhood lead poisoning testing to improve children’s health outcomes,
  • Enhancing lead hazard communication with partners and the public with streamlined messaging,
  • Supporting critical research that informs efforts to reduce lead exposures and health risks, and much more.

Although childhood exposure to lead has dropped significantly in the past 10 years, thousands of children are still exposed to lead. Those most exposed continues to be children of minority that are living in poverty and older homes.

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