After seven months of hard work and dedication from our SERI team, we are pleased to share the launch of our new website! We wanted to update the design of our website, add new features and tools, update programs and projects, and make it more user-friendly. All of our website initiatives are to create an enjoyable experience for our visitors including program and project participants, community partners, and grantors.

Our website now has a brighter color palette allowing us to express that we provide programs and projects that create positive outlooks for our community. We added a contemporary design to show that we are staying current with the times as do provide programs and projects that address current and future needs of our community. We have also incorporated more advanced technologies and processes at our organization since COVID-19 started which is supported with the contemporary design.

We have new features and tools on our website to allow you to better receive information and resources, navigate through the pages smoothly and get involved more easily. Some new features and tools include a dashboard drop-down menu, search bar, image carousels and galleries, headings, accordions, button links, resource sections, previews and thumbnails, and calendar listings. We also have a page dedicated to our new master calendar which has several new features and tools to better help you look at upcoming events and register. At the bottom of our website, we added an e-newsletter sign-up in order for you to stay connected with what we are doing at SERI. Our new contact form now allows you to provide more information.

We updated our programs and projects on our website. This includes more program and project information, resources, publications, presentations, reports, and more. We also created newly dedicated pages for several of our new and future programs and projects.

Our website continues to be bilingual (available in English and Spanish) by navigating to the language switch tool in the upper right-hand corner of our website. The mobile version of our website includes the same features and tools as our desktop version.

We hope with our website it is easier for you to learn what we do, receive information and resources, get involved, and stay connected with us. We will be constantly updating the content of our website.

For any questions, comments or feedback on our website please contact us.