We received a $100K environmental justice grant from NASA to study rainfall in different areas of Tucson and compare it with NASA satellite data.

Have you ever wondered how many inches of rain falls on your property in one year? Are you in the study area? (see colored area of the map). During a home visit, we will have onboarding and you will receive your rain gauge and log to record rain levels. Together we will find a place in your yard to put your rain gauge and help with installation. After 6-months into the study you will receive a $50 gift card and a $65 gift card after one year.

If you are interested, please contact Rachel Spitz at rspitz@seriaz.org or (520) 308-8462. Para Español por favor contacto Palmira Henriquez en palmira.henriquez@seriaz.org o (520) 403-6905.

Rain Gauge Study Area Map